With the Queensland Labor Government recently vetoing $1 billion worth of Federal funding to the Adani Mine Project, its failure to generate interest in private investment and experts in the finance industry saying that the project does not stack up financially, you have to wonder why Malcolm Turnbull has not ruled out giving Adani any money.

Unlike the Liberal National Government, Labor does not believe that the Commonwealth should provide any handouts to Adani to help them get coal out of the ground.

Hypothetically, if Adani was able to find financial support for its Project, there are strict environmental controls that it would need to meet and would be held accountable for any breaches.

The Company has also promised to deliver 10,000 jobs. People in my community know that I am a staunch advocate for job creation; but the advice seems to indicate that the Project would have a difficult time delivering on this. Nevertheless, Labor would work to keep the Government accountable to any promises that it has contractually agreed to.

People have asked me what we would do if this issue was to come up again in government. Like all projects that have been put before previous Labor Governments, we would be responsible for making decisions based on the national interest, relevant laws, community consultation and the best and most recent information available to us.

What I do believe is that our nation’s energy future lies firmly with renewables, and not with coal.

Australia has a renewable energy target which we need to be working toward today, not tomorrow. Other major economies in Asia are turning to renewables, so we need to stop dragging our feet and do the same.

Labor has a plan for real jobs in Queensland – we will invest in local infrastructure projects that will create more than 3,000 opportunities. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more job-creating projects that will be announced in the lead up to the next election.