Marriage Equality

Thanks for taking the time to find out my position on marriage equality. I’ve made my view very clear. At the very least, this is a waste of $122 million of your taxes on a non-binding postal survey of questionable legitimacy.

For me marriage equality isn’t just another political issue, it’s very personal. This issue is also deeply personal for many Australians. Please take a minute to read this post I made to Facebook in August, which outlines exactly why I’ll be voting yes to treating the LGBTIQA community like the valued members of our free society that they are.

“On my phone, in picture frames around my house, and on the door of my home’s kitchen pantry are photographs of my four sons.

Photographs of each of them as babies - playing sport, graduating school, and of them with their partners.

If you were to come to my home on any Christmas or on any birthday you would see four young men who are brothers. Each of these brothers has been raised with a set of values – of love, empathy, and compassion – and each of these brothers have had these values guide them in vastly different directions.

Two of them are studying and two of them are working.

They have travelled Australia and they have travelled internationally.

They have lived alone and they have lived with their partners.

As adults, each has their own hopes and dreams and I know that they will find success in whichever path their lives take them.

I love each of them equally.

So it truly hurts me, as their mother, that one of them is not being treated equally by our Government. In fact, the Government has waged a war against him.

You see, he is a 27 year old University-graduate living and working in Melbourne.

And he is a gay man.

As a teenager becoming aware of his sexuality, my son worried about not having children or not getting married.

He says that he knew his brothers had a right to this commitment and he didn’t; a commitment that made life worth living. He says, “Marriage isn’t just about love, it’s about sharing your life. Marriage is your legal right to decide on financial and property matters with the person you love”.

He says he is frustrated about how long this debate has been going on. It’s a waste of time and money.

Another son said to me that everyone his age was confused by all of the recent headlines - “we just don’t understand what adults are arguing about”.

Well, what the argument is about is equality.

Equality – not just for my family, but for all of Australia.

Constituents from Burpengary and Narangba, Bribie Island and Caboolture, Woodford and Ningi have all written to me. These mothers, fathers, partners and children of same sex couples have all told me that holding a plebiscite is “costly, divisive and damaging to the LGBTI community”.

And they are right.

Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t about the fact that my son wants to marry (in fact, right now he doesn’t). This is a matter of discrimination.

As a mother, and as the Federal Member for Longman, I say that this Government’s behaviour is cruel. It is discriminatory. It is offensive.

I do not need a plebiscite to tell me or any other family with an LGBTIQA family member that their love is valued.”