We're Sick of Being Sick - Additional Medicare-Funded MRI Licences for Longman

We are sick of being sick, because of this Government.

Our community is calling for increased access to Medicare funded Medical Resonance Imaging (MRI).

It's an important issue that I have been campaigning on since 2015 after our local medical practitioners told me how badly we need additional MRI machines that are subsidised by Medicare.

So far, with your voice and the help of our local medical experts, we have:

  • Put forward written submissions to the Senate Inquiry into the Availability and Accessibility of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment around Australia.
  • Attended Senate Inquiry hearings to put our evidence on-the-record.
  • Ran successful media campaigns that highlight our community’s need for additional licences.
  • Delivered petitions with hundreds of signatures.
  • Continued to place pressure on the Government by holding consultations and demonstrations with radiographers, GPs and specialists.

Join me in calling on the Government to approve additional Medicare-funded MRI machines for our region by signing the “We’re Sick of Being Sick” petition.


Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Health Greg Hunt

Our community is sick of being sick.

The Liberal National Party's failure to consider Longman while giving out new Medical Resonance Imaging (MRI) licences is hurting our community. 

I welcome the Government's latest announcement to provide rebates for the diagnosis of prostate cancer through MRI scans and monitoring. The problem is our area only has one Medicare-funded MRI machine located at the Caboolture Hospital.

As a constituent in the Longman electorate, I deserve clarity about what is happening with MRI licences under this Government, and the truth about why the Government is failing to grant licences to communities that need it.

We are calling on you to make sure that people and families in Longman can access these important life-saving machines by granting additional Medicare-eligible licences, immediately.